“Buckle up and hold onto your hats!” Erik Quam on products that excite him at Smart Toys and Games

Erik Quam – inventor relations guru at Smart Toys and Games – on their secret sauce.

Prolific inventor Richard Levy on the launch of Tightrope – and the return of Furby

Old favourites and new releases: Richard Levy on Furby, Tightrope and BrainBolt

What makes sizzles sizzle? Video producer Stuart Turner on making the first ten seconds count

How to Make a Pitch Sizzle: Stuart Turner, co-founder at DMI Productions, discusses videos that sell.

Tiger Monkey Design’s Tucker Johnson on why being a fan can be dangerous for designers

Tiger Monkey Design’s Tucker Johnson discusses his route into design – and why Hasbro’s Xevoz line was ahead of its time.

“I want us to be one of the most creative IP houses in the world”: Toikido’s Darran Garnham on collabs, collectibles and creativity

Toikido CEO and Founder Darran Garnham discusses the origins of Piñata Smashlings ­– and why he wants it to become the Fortnite for under 12s.

Scott Dean, Amanda Birkinshaw and Rich Heayes discuss the launch of their new studio, 7pips

Three industry stalwarts launch 7pips: Scott Dean, Amanda Birkinshaw and Rich Heayes explain why…

Wham-O at 75: Jonathan Becker on Frisbee, Hula Hoop, Hacky Sack, Jazwares Pets and more

Jonathan Becker, of Anjar & Becker Associates, talks all things Wham-O as the company turns 75.

Streamline Design’s David Yakos on putting a fresh twist on a classic with Battleship Royale

We caught up with David to find out how he transformed Hasbro’s iconic two-player title into a pacy party game.

Asmodee Entertainment’s Alexander Thieme and Ness Jack on why a cookbook made perfect sense for CATAN

Asmodee Entertainment’s Alexander Thieme and Ness Jack talk us through a suite of recent launches – and highlight what they’re looking to find at BLE.

“It’s my swan song to the brand”: All Things Equal’s Eric Poses on celebrating 26 years of Loaded Questions with a Greatest Hits edition

Eric Poses, Owner of All Things Equal, discusses his route into the industry – and why he doesn’t follow trends.

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