Streamline Design’s David Yakos on creativity, curiosity and why we should be proud of our imaginations

We caught up with David to learn more about what set him on the path to design, how he found his way into toys – and what fuels his creativity.

Casdon’s Alex Reynolds on developing ideas, pitching – and exploring new avenues

Casdon’s Head of Research and Development, Alex Reynolds, discusses packaging, product and play.

Play Creators Award winners Andrew and Jack Lawson on designing Hasbro’s Ka-Blab

Ka-Blab designers Andrew and Jack Lawson discuss game development.

Gabe Lam – Design and Development Manager at Native Shoes – on designing the firm’s Crayola footwear collection

Native Shoes’ Gabe Lams talks us through the creative process behind the Crayola collection – and delves into how sustainability anchors the firm’s approach to footwear.

The team at PhoneSoap on opportunities for toy collaborations that educate, problem-solve and promote healthy habits

We caught up with the team to find out more about the firm’s approach to collaborating with brands on devices that disinfect toys.

Ryan Miller – creator of The Princess Bride Adventure Book Game – on how performing improv comedy shaped his approach to game design

We caught up with Ryan to find out more about the origins of his Princess Bride game – and find out how improv comedy shapes how he tackles design.

Industry legend Robert Fuhrer on developing the Spirograph Animator

Robert Fuhrer reveals how Nextoy, DubiToys and PlayMonster put a new spin on an old favourite.

London Toy Company founder, Joel Berkowitz, talks plush toys and lush licensing

Joel Berkowitz reveals how he started London Toy Company in a flash of inspiration.

Chinti & Parker’s Anna Singh on celebrating colours and creativity with a Crayola knitwear collection

Anna Singh, Co-Founder at Chinti & Parker, talks about the creative process behind the firm’s new Crayola apparel range.

Marty Pardoe of Bubblegum Stuff discusses notebooks, Post-its and product design

Bubblegum Stuff product designer Marty Pardoe on having ideas – and not being a scarecrow.

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