Pedigree Toys and Brands details slate of activity for Sindy’s 60th anniversary

Pedigree Toys and Brands has a museum exhibition and limited-edition doll launch in the works to mark the milestone.

Inventor Assim Ishaque and Character’s Jon Elliott discuss the origins – and potential – of the pixel craft brand Simbrix

Simbrix creator Assim Ishaque and Jon Elliott – R&D Manager at Character Options – discuss what made the idea click with Character.

Only a few days left to submit ideas to Hasbro’s Women Innovators of Play Challenge

“We know that incredible women innovators are out there and can’t wait to see the submitted toys and games,” said Tanya Thompson, Senior Director, Inventor Relations and Innovation at Hasbro.

MAGNA-TILES welcomes Christian Peterson as Director of International Markets

Petersen will oversee the opening of MAGNA-TILES’ first European office later this year.

Steamforged Games readies new edition of Reiner Knizia’s Medici

“We’ve been working closely with Reiner to put a fresh spin on the original vision and the final result really is something special,” said Rich Loxam, CEO of Steamforged.

King of the Castle to give Armello the tabletop treatment

“Armello was a landmark in digital board games when it was released in 2015, so the decision to port it back to the tabletop was a natural one,” said Andre Bishop, director of King of the Castle.

Hot Wheels Let’s Race to land on Netflix in 2024

“As Hot Wheels continues to grow, Let’s Race will bring even more fun to fans of all ages with creative stories, engaging characters, and of course, fast vehicles,” said Rob David, Vice President, Content Creative at Mattel Television.

Golden Bear to launch Supertato toys in 2024

“We can’t wait to get Supertato and Evil Pea toys into the hands of our pre-school superheroes,” said Barry Hughes, Managing Director at Golden Bear Toys.

PUMA to launch Squishmallows apparel and footwear in 2024

“Demand for Squishmallows is not slowing down, so we are thrilled to collaborate on a fun and exciting spin on the iconic and vibrant PUMA style,” said Sam Ferguson, Senior Vice President of Licensing at Jazwares.

Jazwares to launch Mermicorno: Starfall toys in 2025

“Our line-up will bring epic new ways for kids to play, collect, and connect with their favourite Mermicorno characters,” said Jeremy Padawer, Chief Brand Officer at Jazwares.

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