Things to consider before pitching ideas…

What’s my target audience? Is my concept protectible? U.S. attorney and creator of the Protect for Success course – Stephanie Pottick – looks at some questions new inventors should ask themselves prior to a pitch.

Building a brand across the board

The Insights Family looks at how brands that build a presence over numerous touchpoints better resonate across generations.

Is your brand ready for Licensing Expo?

In the first of a new regular column, U.S. attorney and creator of the Protect for Success course – Stephanie Pottick – looks at the three things you need to consider when licensing a product or brand.

Empathy: The core connecting strategy

The Insights Family looks at how children are showing an increasingly heightened awareness of issues like bullying and gender equality – and what it means for toys that promote empathy.

The life of The Game of Life

Victor Caddy – Trade Mark Attorney at Wynne-Jones IP – looks at a recent case involving The Game of Life that had the potential to shake up the “instance and expense” rule around copyrights.

Getting Your Foot in the Door

Open 2 Design’s Matt Burtonwood shines a spotlight on the challenges around finding new design hires – and details what he looks for when it comes to fresh talent.

What is the Future of…?

PlayLenz’s Richard Heayes shines a spotlight on the tricky act of trend spotting… And which other elements inventors can rely on when predicting how concepts will resonat

Everything is terrible… Until it isn’t

Tami Murphy – Marketing and Account Manager at GPI – shines a spotlight on the resilience of our industry in the wake of a seemingly never-ending stream of challenges.

Dream Reviews

Making Things’ Founder Fi Murray looks at the benefits of writing ‘dream reviews’ for concepts at the start of the creative process.

Does the Metaverse Matter, and Should You Be Paying Attention?

Gallium Ventures’ Heather Delaney looks at what the metaverse means to toy and game designers – and its potential to re-energise the ideation process.

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