GPI launches manufacturing program for BIPOC and women-owned toy and game firms

The new initiative allows young and growing businesses to accept mass-market retail purchase orders that previously would have been a financial challenge to accept.

GPI’s Jack Scheurich, Matt Dacruz, Tom Wetzel and Tami Murphy on mistakes new companies make – and how to avoid them

Jack Scheurich, Matt Dacruz, Tom Wetzel and Tami Murphy tell us how GPI helps those new to the industry – and what some of the most common missteps.

“Keep it bold and simple”: Ryan Noonan – Art Director at GPI – on how games grab attention

Ryan Noonan, Art Director at GPI, talks us through his creative process – and we discuss whether we’re in a golden age for board game art.

“Almost everything we develop is born out of our manufacturing roots”: GPI’s David Blanchard on the studio’s design capabilities

David Blanchard – Vice President of Business Development and Design and Development Lead at GPI – on creativity, collaboration and the studio’s vast design capabilities.

Everything is terrible… Until it isn’t

Tami Murphy – Marketing and Account Manager at GPI – shines a spotlight on the resilience of our industry in the wake of a seemingly never-ending stream of challenges.

GPI President Michael Fisher on creativity, collaboration and why the games space has never been better

GPI President Michael Fisher shares his team’s approach to ideation, his own thoughts on creativity and details the company’s evolution into a design and development powerhouse.

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