The Brand Radar: Topps, The Hundred and the untapped potential of cricket in collectables

Start Licensing’s Ian Downes looks at what Topps’ Cricket Attax could do for the wider licensing potential of the sport, with contributions from Greg Lansdowne and Simon Gresswell.

Helena Perheentupa to head up ZAG’s new ZAG Play Toy Division

“At the new ZAG Play Toy Division, we will leverage our unique point-of-difference as both an animation content powerhouse and a high-quality toy company to develop products that empower children to see themselves as heroes through imaginary and aspirational play,” said ZAG CEO Jeremy ZAG.

James Austin-Smith to discuss Moose Toys’ approach to innovation at Play Creators Conference 2022

The session – titled ‘Innovate or Die’ – will detail Moose’s quest to be the world’s most innovative toy company.

Theora Concept’s Boaz and Gideon Coster discuss the secrets behind playthings old and new

Boaz and Gideon Coster on the little inspirations and big ideas that power Theora Concept

Dirk Engehausen, CEO of schleich®, discusses the company’s rebrand – and tremendous success with animals of every kind

CEO of schleich®, Dirk Engehausen, reveals the secret behind their award-winning success…

MindWare joins Virtual Mojo Pitch 2022

“MindWare’s commitment to exceptional content and learning through play is a great match for the breadth of talent and thoughtful concepts seen from inventors who present at Mojo Nation’s Mojo Pitch,” said Kristin Gallagher, Director of Product Development at MindWare.

Squid Game gets the Funkoverse treatment

Players must race to the finish line in Red Light, Green Light, or try to burst past their rivals’ defences in The Squid Game

Renegade Game Studios readies American Psycho card game

“With American Psycho, fans get to put themselves in the shoes of Patrick Bateman, one of the most interesting characters to come out of cinema in the past 22 years,” said Scott Gaeta, President and Publisher of Renegade Game Studios.

Autumn Fair teams with Products of Change for educational sessions and workshops

“As the conversation surrounding sustainability within the retail and consumer product sectors deepens, so too has our commitment to supporting the journey of our community,” said Autumn Fair’s Event Director, Daniel Mayhew.

Creative Kids to bring Little Tikes into wooden toys

“The Little Tikes brand has stood for quality and high play value for more than 50 years and we look forward to continuing that tradition with this great collaboration,” said MGA Entertainment’s Isaac Larian.

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