Ingredients for a successful idea

Toy and Game School’s Adam Borton looks at why some ideas soar while others get passed on.

Creative consultant Deej Johnson explains why new inventors should learn to love limits

Deej Johnson, co-author of The Snakes & Ladders of Creative Thinking, on why creativity needs limits

Deadline fast approaches for UK trade mark and design applications

Wynne-Jones IP’s Victor Caddy provides a reminder of what you need to do to register UK trade mark and design applications before this month’s deadline.

What can toy and game inventors do with speech recognition tech?

The team at kids’ speech recognition specialists SoapBox Labs look at how designers can embrace speech technology to create brand new play experiences.

Defining a creative toy and game person

Toy and Game School’s Adam Borton looks what makes a creative person, and shares some of his own tips for fuelling creativity.

Ethical innovation: Creating for children is not child’s play

Phil Tottman, Director of Development and Co-Founder at Book of Beasties, asks when does playful learning become just learning?

Clever ways that toy and game companies save costs

Toy and Game School’s Adam Borton looks at how toy and game firms save cost while maintaining the function, quality and value of their products.

Now ready for prime time: Voice-enabled experiences that entertain and educate kids

SoapBox Labs detail a new white paper looking at how voice-powered math, literacy and language tools can help kids to learn and have fun while learning.

Low-cost prototyping

Cove Design’s Caleb Vainikka explores how new designers can get to grips with prototyping without breaking the bank.

The software used to make toys and games

Toy and Game School’s Adam Borton runs through the best software to use when making toys and games and refining your designs.

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