Numskull Designs’ Karl Mizen on giving iconic characters the rubber duck treatment with Tubbz

Karl Mizen, Creative Director at Numskull Designs, tells us about the origins of Tubbz – and which character has been the toughest to ‘duckify’ so far.

Ashley Holman on innovation, inventors and plans for a new toy firm, ToyTopic

With partnerships in place with the likes of Hasbro and WowWee, we spoke with Ashley about what ToyTopic is bringing to the industry.

Games guru Dougal Grimes walks us through the key steps in any development process

Spin Master inventor relations guru Dougal Grimes discusses pitches, products… And the road not taken!

Anika Tharayil – winner of Fat Brain Toys’ Kidventor Challenge – on the inspiration behind her Octo-buddy toy

We caught up with seven-year-old Anika to find out more about Octo-buddy – and whether this is the first of many toy ideas she wants to pitch.

How do inventors sell D2C? Here, The Sock Game’s Jono Green reveals the secrets of working a Christmas market

Jono Green on what it takes to sell The Sock Game at Christmas fairs… And which fairs don’t work!

Jen Ruth on the story behind the plush toy brand Snorfler

We caught up with Jen to find out more about future plans for Snorfler – and how her mother, Shelle, came up with the idea.

Jean Théberge on why licensed lines are at the heart of WREBBIT’s iconic 3D puzzles

President of WREBBIT PUZZLES INC., Jean Théberge, reveals what he looks for in branded products.

“You don’t have to be a scientist; you just need a great idea”: Blue Marble’s Jordan M. Willing on inventors, National Geographic and creating purposeful products

Jordan M. Willing, CEO at Marble Toys, tells us what he’s looking for from the inventor community – and why you don’t have to be a scientist to work on STEM products.

Barry & Jason Games’ Barry McLaughlin and Jason Lautenschleger on the launch of their new creative studio

We caught up with Barry and Jason to find out what prompted this change in direction – and how they’re now looking to work with toy and game firms.

The James O’Brien Mystery Hour Game… And more! Greg Collier reveals why Big Sky Games focuses on licensed products

The Director of Big Sky Games on Stephen Mulhern’s magic – and James O’Brien’s mysteries.

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