So Sound’s ‘glue’, Jazmine Sines, on recruiting designers, organising teams and being creative

Jazmine Sines, Design and Invention Co-ordinator at So Sound, discusses her role at the company

Game designer Daryl Andrews on The Real Truth – and the benefits of working in both hobby and mass market

Award-winning designer Daryl Andrews discusses his start in the industry – and reveals what he believes to be his most underrated game.

Marc Sach on his licensing journey with Fuzzballs – and the importance of a fan-first approach

Fuzzballs Director Marc Sach on his tough early conversations in licensing and the advice he’d give new brands.

From Bad People to Hot Seat, Dyce’s Mike Lancaster on his path into party games

Mike Lancaster – President and Founder at Dyce – discusses the key to creating party games that stand out from the crowd.

Toy inventor and sculptor Jason Loik on creativity, Play-Doh Builder and making his TV debut in Play-Doh Squished

Jason Loik tells us why Play-Doh continues to inspire… And what to expect from the new Play-Doh Squished TV show.

As The Happy Puzzle Company turns 30, founder Gavin Ucko discusses passion, heart and soul

Gavin Ucko on how The Happy Puzzle Company creates happiness… One puzzle at a time!

Inventor Danielle Begnaud on her path to market – and how she uses dialogue as a barometer

Game inventor Danielle Begnaud tells how she brought Waggin’ Words to market.

Steamforged Games’ Mat Hart and Sherwin Matthews on bringing Elden Ring to the tabletop

Steamforged Games’ Mat Hart and Sherwin Matthews discuss design, crowdfunding and the importance of not trying to please everyone.

As Fat Brain Toys celebrates its 20th anniversary, co-founder Mark Carson discusses the journey so far…

Fat Brain Toys’ Mark Carson on inventors, industry evolutions and the most underrated Fat Brain product.

Hasbro’s Gray Bright on bringing Wordle into board games

Gray Bright – Senior Director of Product Design and Development at Hasbro Gaming ­– on the collaborative design process behind Wordle: The Party Game.

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