Paper Engine takes us inside the development of its Build Your Own paper toy kits

Paper Engine’s Keith Finch, Louise Clasby and Jason McKenzie on sustainability, Aardman and playing with paper.

Gibsons’ Emily Charles on the fan-led return of Kingmaker

As a new and improved version of Kingmaker heads to Kickstarter, Emily Charles ­– Product Development & Licensing Manager at Gibsons Games – talks us through its four-year development process.

Designer Wayne Lindsay on the benefits of taking part in BLE’s Kelvyn Gardner License This! competition

As one of last year’s winners, Wayne won a free exhibition stand at BLE 2022. We caught up to find out more about his plans for next month’s show.

Prolific inventor Brad Ross on the key to successful creative collaborations

Brad Ross talks us through his approach to design and we discuss some of his new launches, including BrainBolt, Tiltago and 60 Seconds.

Quillsilver Studio’s Brenna Noonan on how a classical music background informs her approach to game design

Brenna Noonan – President at Quillsilver Studio – talks us through the firm’s one-stop-shop offering for game designers and publishers.

Theora Concept’s Boaz and Gideon Coster discuss the secrets behind playthings old and new

Boaz and Gideon Coster on the little inspirations and big ideas that power Theora Concept

Dirk Engehausen, CEO of schleich®, discusses the company’s rebrand – and tremendous success with animals of every kind

CEO of schleich®, Dirk Engehausen, reveals the secret behind their award-winning success…

Lucky Egg’s Luke Shelley, Albert Sowerby-Davies and Emily Brinkley on creating games that catch the eye

The team at Lucky Egg discuss playtests, creativity and designing for a broad audience.

Funko Games’ Deirdre Cross, Nicole Jekich and Matt Christianson on designing games based on classic Disney attractions

The Funko Games team take us inside the development of Disney titles like Haunted Mansion: Call of the Spirits, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and It’s a Small World.

Scott Pease on bringing Snap Ships to the tabletop with Snap Ships Tactics

Snap Ships co-founder Scott Pease discusses the recent Snap Ships Tactics Kickstarter campaign – and the other sectors he wants to take the brand into.

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