BMT’s Calvin Leibrock, Robert Civettini and Alex Malblanc talk One Trick Pony

The trio from Big Monster Toys discuss the secret to cracking the impressive ‘looping lasso’ mechanism in Goliath’s One Trick Pony game.

The Seven Myths of Toy Sustainability: Activist Sharon Keilthy’s surprising views

Eco toy store owner Sharon Keilthy debunks seven common misconceptions about sustainable toys

Genie’s Casey Norman on pitching, Polly Pocket and why perseverance doesn’t always pay off

We sit down with Casey Norman to talk creativity, ideation and his most underrated invention…

Robert Best – VP of Barbie Product Design at Mattel – on working with inventors and keeping the brand fresh

Mattel’s Robert Best on the advice he’d give inventors looking to create concepts for Barbie.

Designer Kasper Lapp on creating a bluffing game for bad liars in That’s Not a Hat

Kasper Lapp gives us the stories behind three of his recent party games: That’s Not a Hat, Fun Facts and Speak Easy.

Serial toy and game inventor Martin Goldfarb discusses products, process and perseverance

Martin Goldfarb – Vice-President at Eddy & Martin Goldfarb and Associates – gives his best advice.

SUPERHOT’s Paweł Piskorski on bringing something fresh to the drinking game space with Not Enough Mana

Paweł Piskorski – Game Designer at SUPERHOT – discusses bringing spells, curses and wizards into drinking games.

Lauren Shipman, Group Brand and Marketing Director at Posh Paws, on why they’re open to anything…

Lauren Shipman, talks Posh Paws, changing landscapes – and what’s on the horizon in plush.

Marina Khidekel on the origins of her award-winning weighted plush range, Hugimals

Hugimals founder Marina Khidekel discusses the wellness benefits of her plush line’s ‘hugging you back’ effect.

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