Spin Master’s Rich Mazel on new experiences, passionate people and inventor opportunities

Rich Mazel – VP of Innovation and Inventor Relations at Spin Master – tells us why it’s a great time to be a toy inventor.

Prolific inventor Peggy Brown discusses why she doesn’t see creativity as an art… Or a science

How inventor Peggy Brown defines the ballroom, dances like crazy and won’t waste moves…

Inside Out of Order Part 4: The Retail Perspective

What changes did then games buyer at John Lewis, Lucy Benham, suggest for the Gibsons game Out of Order… And why?

LEGO Designer Mike Psiaki on the challenges of recreating the legendary ship, RMS Titanic

110 years after the sinking of the Titanic, designer Mike Psiaki discusses creating the LEGO version…

“BlueJ is focused on inventors winning with Jazwares”: Lauren Mershon and Brian Thornber on championing great ideas

Lauren and Brian tell us about their route into IR – and what they’re currently looking for from inventors.

Nat Marco – founder of Small Fries Games – reveals how Pringles Pop Quiz got to market… And why she’s old school!

The founder of Small Fries Games, Nat Marco, talks about developing ideas – and taking a bold step toward licensing…

IDEO’s Josh Finkle on collaboration, creativity and the power of Post-its

Josh Finkle tells us about his route into toy invention – and we discuss what keeps IDEO at the top of its game.

Stephanie Pottick on helping inventors grasp IP protection, contracts and more with her Protect for Success course

Stephanie Pottick explains how an early career in toys helped shape her approach to helping inventors.

Jean Théberge on why licensed lines are at the heart of WREBBIT’s iconic 3D puzzles

President of WREBBIT PUZZLES INC., Jean Théberge, reveals what he looks for in branded products.

GPI President Michael Fisher on creativity, collaboration and why the games space has never been better

GPI President Michael Fisher shares his team’s approach to ideation, his own thoughts on creativity and details the company’s evolution into a design and development powerhouse.

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