Asmodee Entertainment’s Alexander Thieme and Ness Jack on why a cookbook made perfect sense for CATAN

Asmodee Entertainment’s Alexander Thieme and Ness Jack talk us through a suite of recent launches – and highlight what they’re looking to find at BLE.

“It’s my swan song to the brand”: All Things Equal’s Eric Poses on celebrating 26 years of Loaded Questions with a Greatest Hits edition

Eric Poses, Owner of All Things Equal, discusses his route into the industry – and why he doesn’t follow trends.

“I want us to be one of the most creative IP houses in the world”: Toikido’s Darran Garnham on collabs, collectibles and creativity

Toikido CEO and Founder Darran Garnham discusses the origins of Piñata Smashlings ­– and why he wants it to become the Fortnite for under 12s.

FUNdamentally Children’s Dr Amanda Gummer on how the Seedling programme helps start-ups succeed

Dr Amanda Gummer – Founder and CEO of FUNdamentally Children and The Good Play Guide – discusses how the company’s research supports start-ups.

From Bakugan to Purse Pets: SEGA Toys’ Vincent Imaoka on bringing Japanese toy innovation to the world

Vincent Imaoka – Chief of Business Development and Licensing, Americas, Global Business Division at SEGA Toys – on trends, innovation and the Japanese inventor scene.

“It adds a bold pop of colour – and a 7cm height boost!”: Mattel’s Ruth Henriquez on Superga’s striking Barbie collection

Ruth Henriquez – Head of Consumer Products EMEA at Mattel – discusses why footwear remains an exciting canvas for creative collaborations.

Alex Murty on why Sosig – Joking Hazard’s first family-friendly game – marks an exciting new chapter for the company

Alex Murty – International Growth Manager at Joking Hazard ­– discusses how they found Sosig and why it’s such a key launch for the firm.

Barry McLaughlin and Jason Lautenschleger on injecting more talk into trivia with Okay, Genius…

The duo at Barry & Jason Games and Entertainment discuss the origins of their new party game and how they approach creating experiences to make you laugh.

Bladez Toyz’s George Leeson on designing creative kits for brands like Hot Wheels, Minecraft and Harry Potter

Bladez Toyz designer George Leeson discusses why exercise and open eyes fuels creativity.

“We can relate to each other like nobody else can”: GameBird’s Mary Ellroy on the camaraderie of the inventor community

Inventor and agent Mary Ellroy talks ideation, relationships and why she invents with retail buyers in mind.

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