Hasbro’s Gray Bright takes us inside Clue’s latest revamp – and reveals the key to success when inventing for the brand

Gray Bright – Senior Director of Product Design and Development at Hasbro Gaming ­– on what’s new with Clue.

Big Monster Toys’ Gordon Downey on the ‘Aha!’ moment that led to Sink N Sand

Big Monster Toys inventor Gordon Downey takes us inside the creation of Spin Master’s popular Sink N Sand game – and also reveals his most underrated invention.

First-time inventor Mark Langley discusses how his codebreaking game, decypher, got to market

Mark Langley reveals how prototypes, playtests and pitches helped him find the right publisher

John Bell – Director of Product Design and Development at Buffalo Games – on magic words and secret sauce

Buffalo Games’s John Bell on the magic ingredient that gets people saying, “Let’s play again again!”

Play Elevated’s Deb Weber on championing the positive benefits of play

Deb Weber talks us through her previous career at Fisher-Price – and how she’s looking to work with inventors at her new consultancy.

Fuse’s Tim Rowe on the best way to get someone excited about an invention

Laura Rowe interviews her dad – Fuse Director Tim Rowe – about his route into toys… And asks whether he’s still wracked by guilt over taking her old toys apart for prototypes!

Seven Towns’ Elizabeth Moody on the magical mechanism behind Tippy the Dragon

Elizabeth Moody – Chief Operating Officer at Seven Towns – reveals the physics principal that powered the illusion in John Adams’ balancing game, Tippy the Dragon.

Matt Kelley and Brian Saliba on bringing Monty Python authentically into tabletop RPGs

Crowbar Creative’s Brian Saliba and Exalted Funeral’s Matt Kelley discuss getting the tone right on Monty Python’s Cocurricular Mediaeval Reenactment Programme.

Top Dog: Why WowWee’s new robot toy blends tech with trends… A chat with Sydney Wiseman

WowWee’s Sydney Wiseman discusses the groundbreaking, tail-wagging tech toy Dog-E

Tony Serebriany on pitching in person, The Op’s process – and the right time to follow up

Talking shop with The Op’s Senior Director of Inventor Relations, Tony Serebriany

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