“A shower is the best game design studio you can have!”: We speak with Glenn Drover, VP of University Games’ new Strategy Games division

Glenn Drover, VP of Strategy Games at University Games, discusses his work on games like Age of Empires III, Raccoon Tycoon and the upcoming Mosaic.

From Baby Shark to South Park: Paramount’s Alexandra Salisbury on her design-led approach to crafting toy and game partnerships

Alexandra Salisbury – Senior Category Manager for Toys & Games EMEA & ANZ at Paramount ­– on recent launches, inventor opportunities, and the power of a cuppa.

Carl Brière – Founder of Synapses Games – on creating titles that delight gamers and non-gamers alike

Synapses Games’ Carl Brière discusses inventors, pitching and his new party game, Match5.

Elana Woldenberg – Senior Director of Product Development at hand2mind – on bringing Numberblocks into toys

hand2mind’s Elana Woldenberg discusses creativity, education and working with brands.

Bubblegum Stuff’s Matt Ludlow discusses their latest Kickstarter project, Death by Coconuts

Matt Ludlow on creating, developing and funding Bubblegum Stuff’s new game: Death by Coconuts

John Bell reveals what makes a great licensed board-game title for the mighty Buffalo Games

Product developer at Buffalo Games, John Bell, discusses how Tetris became a multiplayer, tabletop title.

The Bedlam Cube’s inventor, Bruce Bedlam, on staying creative – and why questions are key

Bruce Bedlam discusses having ideas, and the advice he’d give others.

Jude Pullen and Mark Greenbaum on the origins of their DIY board game, Goats Vs Llamas

Designers Jude Pullen and Mark Greenbaum discuss sustainability, creativity and why the Mojo Pitch is worth a punt!

Beyond the Pitch: Trina McFarland reveals her thoughts on the importance of Inventor Relations

TinkerTini’s Trina McFarland on why good Inventor Relations is more important than a great pitch.

University Games President Bob Moog on passionate inventors, cautious buyers and the importance of integrity

Bob Moog – President at University Games – discusses the three things that all great inventor pitches have.

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