Super7’s Armando Roque on authenticity, nostalgia and designing toys for retro brands

Armando Roque – Senior Product Design Manager at Super7 – on crafting products that fans crave.

The Fantastic Factory’s David Snow on designing LADbible’s first party game

The Fantastic Factory’s David Snow tells us why there’s more to come from LADbible in the games space.

Ridley’s Games’ Austyn Romero on bringing games into puzzles with Jigsaw Duel

Jigsaw Duel designer Austyn Romero discusses why he wanted to flip the therapeutic nature of puzzling on its head.

Product Developer Peter Jepsen discusses Geomag’s design, ranges and magnetic appeal

Products, magnets and more: Product Developer Peter Jepsen talks all things Geomag.

Whiz Kid Games founder Heather Watherston on educational games – and launching in a pandemic

Heather Watherston discusses the the value of learning – and the challenges facing Whiz Kid Games.

Spin Master’s Michael Lee on getting big transformations into small toys with Bakugan

Michael Lee, Design Manager for Boys’ Toys at Spin Master, discusses the “show-to-shelf” approach to crafting toys for Bakugan.

Carol Mertz – Senior Game Designer at Exploding Kittens – takes us inside the development of Hand-to-Hand Wombat

Exploding Kittens’ Senior Game Designer Carol Mertz discusses inventors, creativity and designing for the mass market.

Gamely Games founder Hazel Reynolds on hilarious games and great reviews

Serial inventor Hazel Reynolds talks about her latest game, Six Second Scribbles.

PLAYMOBIL’s Managing Director Mark Foster on how licences can open up new worlds

Mark Foster discusses PLAYMOBIL’s plans, brands and feedback from fans

Aconyte’s Marc Gascoigne on creating novels for board game brands like Pandemic, Arkham Horror and Legend of the Five Rings

Marc Gascoigne – Publisher at Asmodee’s Aconyte Books arm – discusses how he approaches translating board games like Pandemic and Arkham Horror into successful novels.

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