Now ready for prime time: Voice-enabled experiences that entertain and educate kids

SoapBox Labs detail a new white paper looking at how voice-powered math, literacy and language tools can help kids to learn and have fun while learning.

Low-cost prototyping

Cove Design’s Caleb Vainikka explores how new designers can get to grips with prototyping without breaking the bank.

The software used to make toys and games

Toy and Game School’s Adam Borton runs through the best software to use when making toys and games and refining your designs.

A beginner’s guide to voice-first experiences for kids

Voice technology offers education publishers, toy and game developers new avenues and approaches to creating immersive learning and play experiences

Getting started with 3D printing

Toy and Game School’s Adam Borton shines a spotlight on 3D printing, covering what printer to choose, how to set-up and why it’s perfect for prototyping toys and games.

Voice tech, toys and privacy

SoapBox Labs CEO Martyn Farrow looks at privacy concerns around voice tech and toys – and how the firm approaches building privacy-first kid-specific voice tech.

Creative consultant Deej Johnson on how Rory’s Story Cubes help you brainstorm, problem solve and ideate

Stuck on an idea? Mojo Nation writer Deej Johnson explains how some people use Rory’s Story Cubes as a creativity tool.

Creative consultant Deej Johnson on why bad brainstorming doesn’t work – and what to do instead

For many creatives, brainstorming looks great – but ultimately wastes time! In this book extract, author Deej Johnson explains why…

How to get a job making toys and games

Toy and Game School’s Adam Borton shines a spotlight on how to build a career in design, looking at some of the key skills needed to succeed.

What happens if I push that?

Timberkits Director Sarah Reast looks at why children remain fascinated by mechanisms – and how parents and toy firms have a role in helping to foster that natural curiosity and inventiveness.

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