ThinkFun launches Freefall, a labyrinthian logic and skill game invented by KID Group

“The expression and rotation of the game’s design makes it both visually stunning and uniquely fun to play,” said KID Group founder Dan Kiltsner.

Joe & Seph’s brings Dungeons & Dragons into popcorn

Dungeons & Dragons Chilli Chocolate Caramel is described as ‘an adventurous popcorn worthy of wizards, bards and barbarians alike.’

Jason Exum reveals why now’s the right time for Dyce Games’s HISTORY Channel trivia game

History in the making – of a board game! Jason Exum on the HISTORY Channel trivia game

Pack It In: vital packaging advice from specialist retailer Becky Ottery of Eclectic Games

Eclectic Games’s Becky Ottery reveals the packaging mistakes that make retailing a game hard work

Raiders of the Lost Ark’s iconic opening scene gets the LEGO treatment

Three new sets recreate iconic scenes from Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

NFT brand Chimpers eyes toy partners

“We focus on storytelling, art and digital experiences, but we would love to channel across to the physical world through toys, comics, books, trading cards and so much more!” said Jacob from the Chimpers team.

SAZ Game Designers Association condemns creators of Unfinished Business for plagiarising Big Deal

‘We urge the publishers of Unfinished Business to enter into an appropriate licensing agreement with Brent and Jeffrey Beck – the designers of Big Deal ­– or to stop the project immediately,’ read a statement from SAZ.

What if a chain-reaction toy could defy gravity? Doozi’s MD, Mike Goldman, talks ZipLinx

Mike Goldman on ZipLinx: A link-springing, ball-flinging, joy-bringing new toy from Doozi

The NPD Group rebrands as Circana following IRI merger

“Circana is undeniably best positioned to advise the world’s leading brands and retailers across almost every industry on how to identify opportunity, ignite innovation and grow well into the future,” said Kirk Perry, President and CEO at Circana.

Dexterity play comes to CATAN in CATAN: Soccer Fever

The football-themed CATAN scenario sees players flick footballs to attempt to score goals, win matches and earn extra points.

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