IMC Toys’ Julia Majure and Virginia Corbella discuss bringing something fresh to the doll aisle with Cry Babies

IMC Toys’ Julia Majure and Virginia Corbella explain what inventors need to know about creating for Cry Babies.

Identity Games’s Chief Creative, JM Duparc, discusses how The Traitors went from TV show to family game

What makes The Traitors and Miffy right for Identity Games? JM Duparc on licenses old and new

Be a Hurdler: Do More with Less!

Brendan Boyle, Partner at IDEO and Founder of the IDEO Play Lab, looks at the roles designers inhabit… And why the toy industry needs Hurdlers!

Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Lunch Box Studio’s Carine Rosalia looks at why competition breeds camaraderie in the inventor community.

New IP – The stages to climb, conquer and celebrate

Making Things Studio’s Fi Murray takes us on a journey up the licensing mountain… But a word of warning for intrepid adventures – please read the small print!

Pat Marino – Director of Hobby Games at The Op – on making Mountains Out of Molehills

The Op’s Pat Marino discusses blending themes, components and mechanics to create intuitive gameplay.

BMT’s Calvin Leibrock, Robert Civettini and Alex Malblanc talk One Trick Pony

The trio from Big Monster Toys discuss the secret to cracking the impressive ‘looping lasso’ mechanism in Goliath’s One Trick Pony game.

The Seven Myths of Toy Sustainability: Activist Sharon Keilthy’s surprising views

Eco toy store owner Sharon Keilthy debunks seven common misconceptions about sustainable toys

Apex Legends heads to the tabletop with Glass Cannon Unplugged

Apex Legends: The Board Game – based on the popular free-to-play video game – lands on Kickstarter on May 17th.

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