Adam Hocherman

Fat Brain Toys’ Adam Hocherman on the role in-house development teams play in evolving inventor items

Adam Hocherman – SVP Product Design & Innovation at Fat Brain Toys – discusses some of the firm’s recent inventor launches, including Make That Most Magnificent Thing, Ultimate Treehouse and Air Toobz.

Fat Brain Toys joins Mojo Pitch

“We really appreciate this event for its international draw, engaging keynotes and rock-solid organisation in the hands of the Mojo team,” said Adam Hocherman, SVP Product Design & Innovation at Fat Brain Toys.

Stuff We Loved: What are the industry’s favourite toy and game launches of 2022?

We asked figures in the industry for their favourite toy and game launches of the year. The only caveat… They couldn’t choose a product they were involved in!

Before, during, and after the pitch: Adam Hocherman, of Fat Brain Toys, on when he can be flexible

SVP of Product Development and Innovation at Fat Brain Toys, Adam Hocherman, on their after-pitch process…

Fat Brain Toys joins Mojo Pitch 2022

“The Mojo Pitch attracts a talented, international audience and I am looking forward to forming new partnerships and to seeing old friends in the inventor community,” said Adam Hocherman, SVP of Product Development and Innovation at Fat Brain Toys.

Adam Hocherman joins Fat Brain Toys as SVP of Product Development and Innovation

“I am incredibly excited to join Fat Brain Toys, a company that I have admired for as long as I’ve been in the industry,” said Hocherman.

Talking Games: Will Wordle’s popularity have a knock-on effect in the board game space? And what’s key to creating great word games?

We asked industry figures for their thoughts on the success of Wordle and find out if its popularity could impact the board game space.

Talking Games: Should more tabletop designers look to create mass market games?

Exploring the differences between the two sectors are games designers Scott Rogers and Brett J Gilbert, as well as PlayMonster’s Adam Hocherman and Heayes Design’s Richard Heayes.

PlayMonster joins Virtual Mojo Pitch 2021

“Each year we look to this event for fresh, globally inspired ideas from the inventor community it attracts,” said PlayMonster’s Adam Hocherman.

PlayMonster’s Adam Hocherman on developing the smash hit Drone Home

With the highly-original game Drone Home now taking off in the UK, we caught up with PlayMonster’s Adam Hocherman. Here he tells us why it was a pleasure to develop, which gauntlet he’s picked up… And why he missed some terrible sushi.

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