Big Potato Games

Big Potato teams with Aardman for Obey the Clay party game

“We’ve tried different names, tested over 400 challenges and been through more clay samples than you would believe,” said James Vaughan, Head of Game Development at Big Potato Games.

Big Potato readies first-ever TV ad

The 20 second advert features animated baubles singing a festive jingle that calls out Big Potato’s Herd Mentality and Colourbrain games.

Dean Tempest, co-founder of Big Potato Games, on blockbuster licensing – and licensing Blockbuster

Big Potato’s Dean Tempest discusses blending IP, execution and gameplay.

As Big Potato Games joins the Mojo Nation Pitch, James Vaughan explains what they look for in ideas

James Vaughan on ideas, sizzles, sell sheets – and the best way to pitch to him at Big Potato Games.

Big Potato’s Tristan Hyatt-Williams on making First Dates: The Game “naughty, but not nasty”

We caught up with one of the firm’s founding potatoes, Tris Hyatt-Williams, to find out more about the development process behind its new games: First Dates and The Chameleon.

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