Deej Johnson

BOTI’s President and CEO, Nico Blauw, on why only YOU know the best way to pitch to him

What’s the kiss of death to inventor pitches? BOTI’s Nico Blauw reveals the one thing you mustn’t do…

Just Play UK’s Licensing Manager, Charlotte Rodgers, discusses plans, brands and toy-fair stands

Charlotte Rodgers offers insight into Just Play UK’s licensing and future plans

TOMY’s Alpesh Patel reveals what he looks for in ideas… And the best way to pitch to him

Vice President, Global Toy Design at TOMY, Alpesh Patel, on ideas, pitching – and not being nervous.

Spin Master’s Rich Mazel, Fun-Damental’s Gary Pyper and Gamley’s Hazel Reynolds join Toy Room 101 panel at Play Creators Conference 2022

All three will compete to banish their biggest pet peeves about the world of toy and game design to Room 101, in a session hosted by Mojo’s own Deej Johnson.

Bubblegum Stuff’s Matt Ludlow discusses their latest Kickstarter project, Death by Coconuts

Matt Ludlow on creating, developing and funding Bubblegum Stuff’s new game: Death by Coconuts

John Bell reveals what makes a great licensed board-game title for the mighty Buffalo Games

Product developer at Buffalo Games, John Bell, discusses how Tetris became a multiplayer, tabletop title.

The Bedlam Cube’s inventor, Bruce Bedlam, on staying creative – and why questions are key

Bruce Bedlam discusses having ideas, and the advice he’d give others.

Is no news good news?! Rich Mazel and Dougal Grimes team up to discuss inventor relations at Spin Master

After the pitch: Spin Master pundits Rich Mazel and Dougal Grimes on fast nos and slow yeses

Beyond the Pitch: Trina McFarland reveals her thoughts on the importance of Inventor Relations

TinkerTini’s Trina McFarland on why good Inventor Relations is more important than a great pitch.

Before, during, and after the pitch: Adam Hocherman, of Fat Brain Toys, on when he can be flexible

SVP of Product Development and Innovation at Fat Brain Toys, Adam Hocherman, on their after-pitch process…

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