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Rubik’s Capture co-inventor Richard Heayes discusses developing, pitching and tweaking the idea

Prolific inventor Richard Heayes on presenting ideas at the last Rubik’s Inventor Challenge Day.

Starting up, carrying on and creating lots… Rebecca Bleau and Nicholas Cravotta on running Bluematter Games

The founders of Bluematter Games reveal how – and where – they generate ideas.

AMIGO’s Anna-Lena Heid reveals two things EVERY inventor should bring when they pitch to her…

Anna-Lena Heid discusses what AMIGO looks for in a game… And how she likes to be pitched to!

Mark Forti on the remarkable story of Feisty Pets – and the worst way to invent new toys

Serial inventor Mark Forti discusses the changing faces – and fortunes – of Feisty Pets.

Product Developer Peter Jepsen discusses Geomag’s design, ranges and magnetic appeal

Products, magnets and more: Product Developer Peter Jepsen talks all things Geomag.

Whiz Kid Games founder Heather Watherston on educational games – and launching in a pandemic

Heather Watherston discusses the the value of learning – and the challenges facing Whiz Kid Games.

Gamely Games founder Hazel Reynolds on hilarious games and great reviews

Serial inventor Hazel Reynolds talks about her latest game, Six Second Scribbles.

PLAYMOBIL’s Managing Director Mark Foster on how licences can open up new worlds

Mark Foster discusses PLAYMOBIL’s plans, brands and feedback from fans

Gemma Briant, from Coiledspring Games, on demoing games at trade shows and expos

Coiledspring’s Gemma Briant on the most important thing when you demo games…

Staff Designer Erica Bouyouris on developing games… And the best thing about working for Spin Master!

Spin Master’s Erica Bouyouris reveals why the story of games remains the most important thing…

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