Hasbro’s Angus Walker on creativity, pitching and the key to successful inventor relations

Angus Walker – Head of Inventor Relations and External Innovation at Hasbro – on the value of inventors.

Hasbro’s Gray Bright takes us inside Clue’s latest revamp – and reveals the key to success when inventing for the brand

Gray Bright – Senior Director of Product Design and Development at Hasbro Gaming ­– on what’s new with Clue.

Hasbro’s Tanya Thompson wins I.D.I.O.T. Award at UK Toy Inventors’ Dinner

I.D.I.O.T. stands for International Designer and Inventor of Toys and the award is given as a tribute to those who have made outstanding contributions to the toy industry.

Hasbro partners with Funko Games for reimagined Cranium collection

The range includes Cranium 25th Anniversary Edition, as well as Cranium Hoopla, Cranium Hullabaloo and the brand new Cranium Big Brain: Detective Game.

Hasbro’s Gray Bright on bringing Wordle into board games

Gray Bright – Senior Director of Product Design and Development at Hasbro Gaming ­– on the collaborative design process behind Wordle: The Party Game.

Dungeons & Dragons documentary in the works at Hasbro

The film will debut as part of the brand’s 50th anniversary celebrations in 2024.

Dan Rawson joins Wizards of the Coast as SVP of Dungeons & Dragons

“Leading D&D is the realisation of a childhood dream,” said Rawson.

Hasbro’s Angus Walker and Tanya Thompson to discuss ‘Driving “Revolutionary” Innovation’ at this year’s Play Creators Conference

Angus and Tanya from Hasbro’s Inventor Relations and External Innovation Team will talk about the difference between ‘evolutionary’ and ‘revolutionary’ innovation – and why they are both so important.

Hasbro launches Wordle: The Party Game

The game sees players take turns writing down a five-letter Secret Word, while the others try to guess it in the fewest attempts to win.

Hasbro bolsters Magic: The Gathering’s Universes Beyond range with Warhammer 40,000 collaboration

The Universes Beyond range has previously introduced the likes of Stranger Things, The Walking Dead and Fortnite into Magic: The Gathering.

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