Play Creators Festival

How do you keep the Barbie brand fresh? Mattel’s Kenna O’Brien discusses staying creative

Kenna O’Brien – Senior Product Design Manager for Barbie – on tools that keep brands fresh.

Hasbro’s Angus Walker and Tanya Thompson to discuss ‘Driving “Revolutionary” Innovation’ at this year’s Play Creators Conference

Angus and Tanya from Hasbro’s Inventor Relations and External Innovation Team will talk about the difference between ‘evolutionary’ and ‘revolutionary’ innovation – and why they are both so important.

James Austin-Smith to discuss Moose Toys’ approach to innovation at Play Creators Conference 2022

The session – titled ‘Innovate or Die’ – will detail Moose’s quest to be the world’s most innovative toy company.

MindWare joins Virtual Mojo Pitch 2022

“MindWare’s commitment to exceptional content and learning through play is a great match for the breadth of talent and thoughtful concepts seen from inventors who present at Mojo Nation’s Mojo Pitch,” said Kristin Gallagher, Director of Product Development at MindWare.

Illustrator Phil Corbett to discuss the art of creating compelling characters at Play Creators Conference

His session, ‘Lore & Order’, will explore the art of creating worlds and compelling characters, the importance of narrative and the difficulties in trying to craft something that appeals to everyone.

Spin Master to lift the lid on its Toy Invention Programme at Play Creators Conference

The talk will be helmed by Spin Master’s Tal Schrieber, alongside TIP graduate Vered Shapiro and Fun-damental Invention’s Gary Pyper and Fuse’s Chantal Drenthe, both contributors to the recent London course.

Jazwares’ Lauren Mershon, KidsKnowBest’s Jack Day and Triclops Studio’s Rob Ames to talk trends at Play Creators Conference

Panellists will be discussing how social virality influences the product selection process, the key to successful trendspotting and TikTok’s role in shaping trends.

Drinks, networking and quizzing! Book your spot at this year’s Play Creators Meet Up

Marking the opening night of Mojo Nation’s Play Creators Festival, the event takes place on Monday September 5th at Twickenham Stadium’s Union Ale House.

The Department’s Hamish Jenkinson to explore ‘Immersive Experiences: The New Frontier for Kids Entertainment’ at Play Creators Conference 2022

The Department specialises in designing multi-sensory, immersive experiences for some of the world’s biggest brands.

Cantaloop designer Friedemann Findeisen to discuss his creative process at Play Creators Conference 2022

As well as designing games, Friedemann Findeisen­ has been a magician, songwriter, author and film composer.

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